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Alternative Spectacle Lenses

As an INDEPENDENT opticians we can choose a lens from any market leading supplier to give you the best possible vision.

Alternative Spectacle LensesZEISS, ESSILOR, HOYA, NIKON

all available at Ideal Eyecare . Ultimately our goal is to get you seeing a much clearer world. Ideal Eyecare is a HOYA lens specialist benefiting from all the latest lens technology available on the market.

Single vision

  • These lenses correct vision at single distances across the whole surface of the lens. 
  • Distance vision, intermediate vision or near vision
  • Wide range of prescriptions
  • Wide field of vision
  • Available in all lens materials, transitions and sunglass tints

Wrap around lenses for curved frames

  • These lenses are characterised by frames which wrap around the face. Most sunglasses have a "high base" or slight wrap to them characterised by a curve.
  • Available in many materials.
  • Available as SV and Varifocal
  • Polarised, transitions and graduated tints are available

Bifocal / Trifocal

  • These lenses provide clear vision correction for 2 or 3 distances and are characterised by a visible line or "segment" on the lens. This lens has 2 or 3 distinct optical powers.
  • Wide areas of stable vision
  • DV/NV most common. Can be a combination of any optical powers/ focal lengths.
  • Visible segment or dividing line.
  • Available in most lens materials.


  • Varifocal lenses are the most common multifocal lenses offering clear vision correction at all distances with no visible lines or segments.
  • Wide areas if stable vision correction.
  • Distance vision at eye level and increasing prescription for closer work as your eye tracks down the lens.  Natural eye position day to day for most tasks.

Freeform technology

  • "Latest digital lens technology for the most natural vision."Digital surfacing or Freeform technology takes into account many more aspects of a particular frame on an individual's face and how these two components interact with a prescription. 
  • These lenses give significantly wider areas of vision for both SV and Varifocals
  • Easier Adaption
  • Better balance
  • Non tolerance guarantee
  • Less peripheral distortion
  • More natural vision for wrap around lenses
  • Especially Recommended for higher or more complex prescriptions

Hard coating

  • Reduces scratching on the lens surface but will not stop it.

Anti-reflection coating

  • Reduces unsightly reflections, glare & increases image clarity by up to 10%

Photochromatic Lenses

  • Convenient UV adapting lens. Goes dark when under direct UV light.

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